BASIC Jr. Youth Group Hosts a Christmas Wrap Party

On Friday, December 19th, Brothers and Sisters in Christ Youth Group (BASIC) wanted to give back to our Chaldean community. We wanted to brighten up the Christmas feel for all the unfortunate families in our community. We as a group decided on collecting gifts for refugees and our leadership team set a goal to raise 300 gifts for refugee families this Christmas. We thought to achieve our goal by means of the youth members getting involved in our community and asking for these gifts. BASIC registered over 150 refugee children to be recipients of these gifts in just two days. We hosted a Christmas party where the entry price was to bring a gift for a refugee child. This party was open to the public and that night, we collected and wrapped over 350 gifts.

BASIC would like to thank everyone who came out and supported the cause. Specifically, Adult Bible Study, MOM’s Group, and Valhalla’s Youth for Truth. These groups joined us at the party and helped make it a great success.