Clergy Confraternity Offers Voters Guide App

Highlights 6 Issues to Consider in Voting Booth

A group of Catholic clergy is offering a free non-partisan voting guide app for Catholics.

The Confraternity of Catholic Clergy is a national association of more than 500 priests and deacons in the USA with fellow confraternities in Australia and Great Britain.

With Election Day upon us, a confraternity statement says that “it is imperative that the lay faithful take their right to vote seriously. Living in a democratic republic has many blessings, rights and privileges that are essentially connected to civic duties and obligations. Making a prudent decision in the voting booth requires a well formed conscience and a reasonable knowledge of the issues at stake.”

Six concerns are specifically highlighted in the app:

  1. Right to life
  2. Religious liberty (and freedom of religion)
  3. Sanctity of marriage
  4. Private property
  5. Access to necessary goods
  6. War

The Voting Guide is non-partisan. It neither favors nor disavows any political party or candidate. Instead, it seeks to present Gospel values and moral principles of the Natural Moral Law to enable the Catholic voter to evaluate any candidate, issue or pending legislation.

“The clergy’s job is not to tell people who to vote for,” the statement explained, but rather to teach them how to vote “responsibly and conscientiously.”

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