A House of Prayer

St. Paul Church, North Hollywood Consecration & Ordination

Last Sunday, November 16, Mar Sarhad Yawsip Jammo, Eparch of St. Peter Chaldean Catholic Church consecrated the new Altar and Qanke (Sanctuary) of St. Paul Assyrian & Chaldean Catholic Church in North Hollywood, California.  Following consecration, his Excellency elevated the lector Ramin Rumtin to Sub–deacon.

In his message on the gospel, the bishop commented on the Third Characteristic of the church which is contained in the words of Christ the House of my Father shall be called a House of Prayer. He also thanked all those who donated and helped in the renovation project.

Among many remodeled aspects of the project, his Excellency was mostly impressed by the traditional Veil of our Chaldean Church of the East. The new Veil is lowered so that the Iconic window behind the altar with its beautiful colors would show when the Veil is closed.  He also praised the marvelous talent of the gifted artist Krekor Hazarshahian that was evident in the iconic paintings he did in the Sanctuary.

The bishop was accompanied by Fr. Noel Gorges the former pastor of St. Paul Church along with deacons Enkido and David.