A Liturgical Renaissance

North California Retreat

A liturgical Renaissance – Day 1

In a spirit full with love for our church, Chaldean and Assyrian youth groups from North California and San Diego met in a retreat on Friday10/24/2014 to know more about our rich Chaldean and Assyrian liturgy.

We started our first day with welcoming everyone and do some ice-breaking activities. And after that we had some free time to know more about each other and then we went to bed.

Our Liturgical Year Day 2

We started our second day on Saturday 10/25/14 with having our breakfast After that we met in the hall where deacon Royal taught us how to pray morning prayer according to our liturgy and the we used Emanuel books to pray together. After we finished prayer, Deacon Royal started introducing the Chaldean liturgy to our youth.

IMG 6775Deacon Royal talked about that we have to be willing to pray according our liturgy, which is the word of God that is put together to sanctify us.

After that Deacon Royal went to explain more about the liturgical year and its seven seasons; Subara, Dinha, Sawma, Qyamta, Pentecost, Hallilayn, and Slywa.

Also during the talk Deacons Royal and David with Peter Patros taught and sang some of the different seasons’ hymns to the retreatants .

The talk was wrapped up by small groups activity for retreatants where each small group had to learn about a specific season and present it to the entire groups so they come to know more about the seasons in our rich Chaldean/ Assyrian liturgy.

After finishing our first break was to have our lunch. We gave our retreatants a sport break. When they have done playing we head back inside to prepare ourselves for confession. Our beloved priests Fr. Michael Barota, Fr. Potrus Georgis, and Fr. Awraha Mansoor helped hearing all of our confessions. Right after we head back to conference room to listen to our third talk about morning and evening prayer, which was given by Deacon David Stephen.