October 2014

On the Run From ISIS

October 31, 2014

“We had only one choice: face death or leave,” says Sister Luma, a nun of the Dominican order who left her hometown of Qaraqosh, Iraq’s largest Christian [...]

Their Tears Have Run Dry

October 31, 2014

Erbil, Iraq, Oct 30, 2014. – Christians who were forced from their homes in northern Iraq by the Islamic State this summer are a people whose soul is being destroyed, [...]

Keeping Our Promises

October 31, 2014

On the last Thursday of every month, the Mary Queen of Saints prayer group gathers at St. Peter Chaldean Catholic Cathedral for a public Holy Hour. The service begins at 7pm [...]

A Liturgical Renaissance

October 30, 2014

A liturgical Renaissance – Day 1 In a spirit full with love for our church, Chaldean and Assyrian youth groups from North California and San Diego met in a retreat on [...]