Good and Faithful Servants

David Stephen and Royal Hannosh Ordained Deacons

On Friday evening, September 12, 2014, just two months after St. Peter Cathedral witnessed the first ever deaconate ordination of two of its first seminarians, the faithful were blessed to witness the deaconate ordinations of David Stephen and Royal Hannosh. The Cathedral was packed with family, friends and loved ones as well as a number of clergy, deacons and lectors who all gathered to in support and love of their new deacons.

David and Royal joined the Seminary of Mar Abba the Great on August 1, 2009. They recieved their Bachelor of Science in New Evangelization from John Paul the Great Catholic University along with Ankido Sipo and Simon Esshaki, and are currently studying to recieve their Master Degree in Biblical Theology from the same University. God willing, they will be ordained Chaldean priests in August of 2015. Continue to pray for these two great young men.

The Seminary of Mar Abba the Great is the first Chaldean Seminary outside of Iraq and was established in 2008 by His Excellency, Mar Sarhad Yawsip Jammo. There are currently 8 young men being formed there, the four senior seminarians have reached the step of deaconate.

Of the many beautiful hymns and prayers of the ordination, there are a few gestures that are especially important. These include the kneeling of the candidtates, the imposition of hands by the bishop and when the newly ordained deacons are walked in front of the altar.

  • IMG 2332Kneeling: The candidates will be kneeling on one knee before the Bishop while the shamashe chant the psalms. They are praying for the candidates and the Bishop that God may help the Bishop be the channel and grant that the candidates receive the grace. For this reason, the candidates kneel while the rest of the faithful remain seated.
  • Imposition of hands: The head is the most representative part of the human person. Through the imposition of hands, the power of the Holy Spirit comes upon the candidates through the mediation of the Bishop. It is through the laying on of hands of the Bishop, the candidates are “marked with an imprint which cannot be removed and which configures them to Christ”, therefore becoming a “servant of all” (CCC 1569, 1570).
  • Walking in front of altar: At the end of the ceremony, the newly ordained deacons are walked around the front of the altar. They then stand on the right and left of the altar signifying their rank as deacons.

St. Peter Diocese is now blessed with four deacons and, God willing, in 2015 will have four newly ordained Priests to serve the Church. We ask for continued prayers and graces for our Deacons and future priests, as well as our clergy, seminarians and religious. May they continue to be faithful servants of their Lord.

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