Our Homeland


Our homeland is under siege, and our brothers and sisters in Christ are wailing and crying for help to the international community. What is largely being ignored by the mass media is genocide against Christians, Kurds and even Muslims who disagree with ways and tactics of the extremist group, ISIS.


Thanks to the extensive efforts by dozens of leaders in the Chaldean community, the U.S. government is finally taking notice, and this week launch the first military strike against ISIS insurgents. Our leaders are also working to provide safe haven and assistance to Iraqi Christians who were run out of their homes with nothing but the clothes on their back. We all hope for more help on the way in the coming weeks and months.

If you wish to assist Christian Iraqi refugees, please send a check to and made payable to:

St. Peter’s Charity Account
Knights of Columbus Mar Toma
Attn: Iraqi Christians in Mosul
10461 Austin Dr., Ste. G
Spring Valley, CA 91978