A Faithful Servant


August 6th 2014, Fr. Noel Gorgis celebrated his 25 year silver anniversary as a catholic priest serving throughout the world. He celebrated this special day with mass. Other clergy and close friends surprised him with a little get together afterwards.

Fr. Noel Gorgis has impacted the world in his many achievements and continues to do the same as his priesthood continues to do the same.

Today, he is in charge of the Chaldean Media Center and works diligently on making sure the Chaldean voice is heard throughout the world. He does that by managing Kaldu.tv, Kaldu.org, Kaldaya.net, and Paroqa Satellite.

Fr. Noel also serves as the chaplain of two youth groups, St. Jospeh’s High School Group at St. Michael’s and Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jr. High Youth Group at St. Peters. Since his arrival at these groups, both groups very seriously took a turn in a positive direction.Not only is he the hardiest worker I’ve ever met, he does so in a selfless manner. He gives everything his 100% and he will never compromise. He seeks the truth and pursues it faithfully

Fr. Noel is my role model and he is someone I go to whenever I am in need. My hope for the future is to be an imitator of Christ but through the example of Fr. Noel Gorgis because I see Christ within him. He is my priest, he is my teacher, and he is my friend. I’d like to speak on behalf of my brother seminarians and would like to thank you for everything you have done for our Chaldean community.