Through Mary’s Intercession

Cardinal Leonardo Sandri Ends His Visit With Our Lady

After the Mass, His Eminence, Cardinal Leonardo Sandri, along with all the clergy who were present as well as a select group of faithful went to the church Hall to enjoy a short lunch. The Cardinal was escorted to the hall by the Knights of Columbus where he was greeted by all those who were invited to the luncheon. During the meal, His Eminence was thanked on behalf of the Parish Council by Zuhair Kachel, followed by Shamasha Aziz Razoki on behalf of all the Shamashe and Shamashyatha. He was then addressed by Fr. Andrew Younan who spoke of the tragic events that have ravaged our homeland, Iraq. Recalling a visit he took to Iraq this year, the first and probably last of his life, Fr. Andrew spoke of the power and grace he felt from visiting the holy sites that were the birth of the Chaldean Church and the tragic loss our people are facing in losing their country to war and violence. However, he ended by speaking of the New Babylon which is the Chaldean Church as she is thriving outside of Iraq and of the bright future there is for those churches, especially here in St. Peter Diocese.

The Cardinal ended his visit to St. Peter Cathedral with a visit to the Mary Mother of the Chaldeans Grotto. It is always an honor to enjoy the presence of His Eminence, Cardinal Leonardo Sandri on this, his second visit to St. Peter Chaldean Catholic Cathedral.