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“The first deacon in scripture comes in the book of Acts chapter 6 and it starts with Saint Stephen; and the reason why him and the other six deacons were chosen by the apostles. Today, the role of a deacon is still the same, in that they still serve the apostles, and the aposltes are the Bishops,” said by Ankido Sipo.

This Friday, July 18th, 2014, two of the Chaldean Seminarians from San Diego, Ankido Sipo and Simon Esshaki, will be ordained temporary deacons.

So the first deacons in scripture were servers specifically of the apostles. They were to serve tables and that should be read as an idiom for social work. Ankido and Simon are moved to the same calling but not to the same end. They will be temporary deacons because they are being moved towards priesthood. On their ordination, they will be taking a vow of celibacy and swear obidence to their Bishop. The ordination will be Friday July 18th at 6pm at St. Peter’s Cathedral in San Diego, California.