A Special Day Approaches


On Tuesday July 15, 2014 a practice for Ankido Sipo and Simon Esshaki’s deaconate was held inside the church. The Mar Sarhad Y. Jammo spoke about the importance of priests being ordained, and the key role the seminary plays in the church. He described the role the seminary in detail, and how dear the seminary is to his heart. He called upon each seminarian and spoke of their individual duties that benefits the church as a whole.

He described the joy in his heart for each of the seminarians because he has mentored them. During the rehearsal, Bishop Sarhad Jammo individually asked each seminarian to come and speak of their individual duties such as Seminarian David Stephen when he said, “My duties include organizing many events such as the Chaldean Youth Convention which took place a bit over a week ago. I catered for over 300 youth members.” The other seminarians also spoke of their duties, which include being in charge of catechism and communion classes, youth groups, spiritual guidance, choirs, and leading shamashe. The seminarians exhibited the importance of the seminary, and the significance this step plays in their journey to priesthood.

The bishop then exited, and Father Andrew took over, and the rehearsal began, he prepared the shamashe for the ceremony on Friday July 18, 2014. The clergy are hoping for a beautiful ceremony this Friday. With a special congratulations to Ankido Sipo and Simon Esshaki.