Veneration and Honor


This Friday is the Feast of Sacred Heart of Jesus. The whole church comes together during this time to pray piously in respect of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

   The Catechism of the Catholic Church mentions, “The prayer of the Church venerates and honors the Heart of Jesus just as it invokes his most holy name. It adores the incarnate Word and his Heart which, out of love for men, he allowed to be pierced by our sins. Christian prayer loves to follow the way of the cross in the Savior’s steps.”

   In preparation for the feast, the Sacred Heart sodality members must fast and abstain from meat for the three days prior to the feast (Tuesday-Thursday).

   Within these three days of preparation, there will be a retreat during mass. The Sacred Heart Sodality will be celebrating the feast beginning with prayer on Friday at 9:30am following with Mass at 11am.

   All members are encouraged to participate in this blessed feast.