The Church as Preserver


I always hear the question, why is the Chaldean language so important, and I have always been eager to answer it. The Chaldean language encourages me to strengthen my identity. It defines who I am. It makes me feel like I am welcome in our homeland. I am a Chaldean. As a Chaldean who was born in America, my family taught me the Chaldean language at a very young age. I grew up only speaking Chaldean at home until I started school.

When I was in the first grade, the schooling systems wanted to hold me back a grade because I was only able to speak Chaldean, but my parents did not allow that to happen. And as I grew up, they wanted me to skip the fifth grade because of how advanced I became in the English language.  Even today, I act as a translator for those who are coming currently into America as new comers because I am so well talented in my language.

The Chaldean language changed my heart. I do not know where I would be now if my parents did not push me into this language. I know how to speak and understand the language very fluently. I went to the aid of St. Peter’s Cathedral in San Diego to pursue my reading and writing skills in this beautiful language. I, then, became a senior scout in the Chaldean Scouts of America Association to enhance these skills.

I hate the excuse of those Chaldeans who claim that they are unable to speak because they were born in America. I am the prime example of someone born in America that contains the Chaldean heritage through my language.  I feel that being Chaldean is a blessing because we share in the same language and culture as Jesus Christ.

The Chaldean language is more than just a conversation but a symbol of our culture. It should not be allowed to die away if our ancestries are being forced to leave our homeland. If the Chaldean language fades away, then, that would mean a part of our culture would do the same. The Chaldean Church is the best preserver of the language because the use of it during prayers and the Divine Mysteries. I am a proud Chaldean who will try my best to keep these traditions preserved in my family to come.