Take Flight as an Eagle


 In the late evening of Friday June 17th, we are celebrating our annual graduation party. Over fifty students whom graduated from High School or College signed up to participate in this event.

   Since the establishment of the Mar Toma Council, their focus aimed directly at education. During this event, the council recognizes and rewards the excellence in academic achievement by offering scholarships to the qualified candidates. Their scholarship fund relies on the generosity of the community. They have been blessed with many sponsors who share in their same goal that allows this party to grow every year.

    At the Bishop’s arrival, everyone arose from their seats and stood piously as the American and Chaldean Anthems were being played. This was the perfect lead on to the first speaker, the Head Knight, Zuhair Habbakachel, in which he spoke on behalf of the Mar Toma Council, congratulating all the students for their great achievement. He, then, handed the microphone over to Bishop Sarhad Y. Jammo as he spoke about the meaning of education and its importance.  He asked the question, “Why is it that a chicken cannot fly? Be as powerful as an eagle and take flight rather than pecking the floor for food.”

Every student’s name was announced and they proceeded towards the stage to receive their Knights of Columbus graduation medal. Shortly after the announcements, the knights called out those who achieved excellence and were giving away scholarships.

   The party raged on until the moon was high up in the sky. The Knights thanked everyone who made this wonderful event possible.