Serving the Altar of the Lord

Bishop Sarhjad Y. Jammo Blesses 9 New Lectors and Subdeacons for the service of the Chaldean Church in Arizona

Sunday June 1st, was a special day in the life of Mar Abraham Chaldean Parish in Scottsdale, Arizona to have her shepherd bishop Sarhad Y. Jammo visiting to bless his community by giving the liturgical blessing to nine new servers of the church, four lectors and five subdeacons. The church was full of people and enthusiasm as well especially at seeing young servers approaching the service of the altar and of the church. Among them were those who recently came to the states after running away from their own country Iraq so as to escape persecutions and be able to live and express their faith in a solid and solemn way. After two hours of the rite of the blessing and the holy Mass, the community enjoyed a potluck lunch at the parish hall blessed by the eparchial bishop. Below are some of the blessings pictures.