Today is a joyful day because a family of seven were baptized into the Chaldean Catholic Church. After studying with this family over a period of time, teaching them the catechism of the Catholic Church and also teaching them about our own Chaldean heritage, this family accepted the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Eucharist.

A tradition that the Chaldean Church upholds during the sacraments of initiation roots back to the time of Babylon. The tradition has it where once a king is chosen to reign over Babylon, he must first be silent in prayer in the temple for one entire day and at the end of that day, the high priest comes into the temple and slaps the king on the face. This is to teach him that no matter how powerful of a king you may be, you are small compared to God.

At baptism, we become heirs to His Throne, so it only makes sense that at our day of entry into the Church, the priest slaps the newly baptized person on his cheek. This is a symbol of his submission to the commandments of God and the guidance of the Church.