June 2014


June 26, 2014

Today is a joyful day because a family of seven were baptized into the Chaldean Catholic Church. After studying with this family over a period of time, teaching them the [...]

Store of Benefits

June 25, 2014

There is a hymn in the Chaldean Church during the season of the Apostles that says something very peculiar about our Lady. While praying the Martyr Hymns at the end of [...]

An Inspired Community

June 25, 2014

 A group of young inspiring Chaldeans joined together to support the 2014 Chaldean Youth Convention. This past weekend, in the evening at Hillsdale park, this group of [...]

Our Gifted Future

June 24, 2014

This Friday is the annual graduation party for all Chaldeans in San Diego hosted by Mar Toma council of the Knight of Columbus. Mar Toma Council has been serving the people [...]

Eagerness in Their Eyes

June 24, 2014

There was a full room today at St. Peter’s Educational Center with all the attendants from both, St. Peter’s and St. Michaels, for the bi-annial Chaldean Youth [...]

Veneration and Honor

June 23, 2014

This Friday is the Feast of Sacred Heart of Jesus. The whole church comes together during this time to pray piously in respect of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.    The [...]

The Shepherd Among his Sheep

June 23, 2014

This past weekend of Second Apostles, H.E. Mar Sarhad Y. Jammo took his pastoral visit to St. Mary’s parish in San Jose. Sunday, July 22nd, 2014 Mar Sarhad Y. Jammo [...]

Are You the Good Samaritan?

June 22, 2014

 When Jesus was asked by a lawyer who his neighbor was that he should love to fulfill one of the two great commandments, Jesus gave the parable of the Good Samaritan. A man [...]

Approaching Youth Convention

June 22, 2014

The Chaldean Youth Committee of San Diego visited Mar Abraham Church this weekend to see the sites of the 2014 bi-annial Youth Convention hosted in Arizona. David Stephen met [...]

Twelve Years

June 21, 2014

“12 years… 12 years… 12 years.” – These are the words His Excellency Mar Sarhad Yawsip Jammo repeated as he tearfully addressed the congregation during his homily [...]
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