Our Gifted Future


This Friday is the annual graduation party for all Chaldeans in San Diego hosted by Mar Toma council of the Knight of Columbus.

Mar Toma Council has been serving the people since 1993 and serves faithfully based out of St. Peter’s Chaldean Cathedral in Rancho San Diego.

Zuhair Hanna Khachel, the Grand Knight, held a meeting yesterday with about 5-7 other knights to discuess all the final details about Friday’s event.

   Noori Barka said, “We have something special in store for all the graduates” in his conversation with Wisam Jaden, the financial secretary of the Knights, as all the other Knights were astonished at the surprise that will be given to all the graduates.

   This year we have over 85 graduates signed up for Mar Toma Council’s graduation year book. The graduation event is this Friday, at 8p.m., in St. Peter’s Hall. All are welcome to come. We are hoping that all the graduates comes and participate in this wonderful event.