Eagerness in Their Eyes


There was a full room today at St. Peter’s Educational Center with all the attendants from both, St. Peter’s and St. Michaels, for the bi-annial Chaldean Youth Convention. The meeting was strictly informative teaching everyone all the necessities for the trip.

David Stephen, along side with Fr. Noel Gorgis, spoke to all the convention members about the itinerary, rules, and regulations. He said to the group of people, “We are here to have fun, but more importantly, to bond with the other members within our Chaldean Diocese. We are one Church and we are one body.” This really rallied up the room and got them fired up for the convention that is in a couple of weeks.

At this meeting, everyone was assigned a bus and a room, as well as finalizing all sporting groups. David Stephen then said, “We want this convention to be the best one yet.”

Although this meeting was informative, the group could not contain their joy and laughter whenever something humurous came about. They are all so energetic to not only attend but to meet the other youth members within our Chaldean Dioese.