Communion at Saint Peter’s

 Yesterday, June 7th, the Church rejoiced as 136 children took their First Holy Communion at St. Peter’s Chaldean Catholic Cathedral.

     The children have been studying to receive their third and final Sacrament of Initiation since September last year. The Workers of the Vineyard, the Seminarians from Mar Abba the Great, and other volunteer teachers divided the first communicants into groups according to age and grade, and have taught them every week since.

     Within the past few months, daily communion classes commenced, and children came multiple times a week to study at the Educational Center and familiarize themselves with the Mass in the Cathedral.

     As they approached the end of the communion year, St. Peter’s held two rehearsal Masses: one for the children receiving at 9am on June 7th, and another for those receiving at 12pm. On a separate day, the students also went to confession for the first time.

     All of the practice and studying paid off though, when communion day finally came. From the procession in, to the group picture at the end, everything flowed smoothly at both Masses, and many commented on the ceremony as a whole being very well organized.

     The Chaldean Catholic Diocese of Saint Peter the Apostle congratulates the first communicants in receiving the Body and Blood of Christ, and thanks all Sisters, Seminarians, and volunteers for their contributions to the newly initiated members of the Church.