An Inspired Community


 A group of young inspiring Chaldeans joined together to support the 2014 Chaldean Youth Convention. This past weekend, in the evening at Hillsdale park, this group of people played softball to raise money for those attending the Youth Convention.

    Tim Abbo, Zaher Garmo, Jason Talia, Simon Hermiz, Joseph Sesi and Jeff Mansoor were just a few of the people who came out to support as coaches and friends of the Youth Convention. This event raised close to $900 dollars which does great justice for the 2014 Chaldean Youth Convention fund. Tim Abbo, one of the people who set up this wonderful event, said, “We are happy to help!” in his conversation with Stephen Nissou. The feeling was mutual among the rest of guys who shared in this event to support the Chaldean Youth Convention.

As the Youth Convention draws near, the Chaldean Community in San Diego are joining together to support the youth and future of the Church.