The Temporary Renewals of Three of the Workers of the Vineyard

His Excellency Mar Sarhad Yawsip Jammo stated during his homily yesterday his amazement at having three quasi-related events occur all in the same day: Mother’s Day, Christ’s analogy of the mother in travail in that Sunday’s Gospel, and the Temporary Renewal of Promises made by Sr. Anahyd, Sr. Veronica, and Sr. Warda.

The happy coincidence was truly memorable for all Sisters, mothers, and religious present, as the ceremony began with Sr. Tarbytha calling Sr. Veronica and Sr. Warda forth to make their final 1-year renewal before the Bishop, promising poverty, chastity, and obedience in service to St. Peter’s Chaldean Catholic Diocese for another full year. This was immediately followed by summoning Sr. Anahyd before the Bishop to make her final 2-year renewal of promises, which is the final set of promises before she makes Final Vows in 2016.

As the Sisters made their way back to their seats, their proud families in the pews and the clergy on the altar applauded, and the Mass began.

Mar Sarhad spoke highly of the dedication of the Sisters, and compared them to Mary, who is not the bride of Christ, but the Mother of God’s children by the working of the Holy Spirit. Later, at the convent where all families, friends, and clergy gathered in celebration afterward, the Bishop continued his thought, saying that each and every nun and seminarian in the room requires every ounce of formation their capacity can hold, since each in turn will be responsible for the formation of thousands. “Christ only had 12;” said Bishop Sarhad, “Only 12, and they changed the whole world and all history.”

The Chaldean Catholic Diocese of St. Peter the Apostle congratulates Sisters Anahyd, Veronica, and Warda, for accepting God’s call, and thanks them for taking upon themselves this burden of the formation of souls for the future of the Church.