Memorial of Our Lady of the Fields

Today, May 15th, is the Memorial of Our Lady of the Fields, and the Anniversary of the Diocesan Sisters, the Workers of the Vineyard.

The Promises and Renewals the Sisters make every year are always held on the weekend before or after this date, as was witnessed this past Sunday, but there was still a special Mass held in Our Lady’s Honor, preceded by ramsha, and followed by a procession to the grotto.

The Workers of the Vineyard held the Marian banner and led all the faithful up to the shrine for Our Lady of Chaldeans, Daughter of Abraham, where the crowd lit candles, prayed, and heard the Workers of the Vineyard sing traditional hymns for the occasion.

To close, the shamashi and shamashyathi sang a few hymns before H.E. Mar Sarhad Yawsip Jammo, and others who remained.

St. Peter’s Diocese thanks everyone who participated, encourages others to attend the noteable ceremony next year, and beseechesĀ Our Lady of the Fields to pray for all Chaldeans within and without this Eparchy.