Awarding Excellence for Christ

First Communion Commencement Ceremony

On May 30, 2014, the Workers of the Vineyard held their first ever, First Holy Communion Commencement Ceremony. The event took place at St. Peter Cathedral and was a joint ceremony for both St. Peter’s and St. Michael’s First Communion schools. Of the 320 students from both parishes, 60 students were chosen to receive awards in the following categories; Academic Excellence, Best Behavior, Most Improved, and Best Essay from their Final Exam.

The ceremony began at 6pm with a speech given by Fr. Michael Bazzi. He surprised the entire assembly when he called up Simon Esshaki, a current Seminarian of Mar Abba the Great, to read the answers he gave on his final exam when he took communion in 1999. It was wonderful for the students to hear one of their own teachers share what he learned from communion so many years before.

During his speech, Fr. Michael emphasized the importance of the sacraments and the ten commandments. He encouraged the children and their parents to continue growing in virtue and love for Christ. Afterward, the sisters gave out the awards. Before finishing the assembly, group photos were taken of all the children who attended as well as those who received awards. Everyone gathered was then invited to a light dinner outside the church. It was a wonderful evening for all those who attended, and especially rewarding for the sisters, seminarians and other teachers who worked so hard throughout the year to prepare their students for First Communion.

Academic Excellence

Best Behavior

Maryna AblahadDani Nooh
Loriyta HabibEvan Hanna
Justin BaloMaryam Azeez
Vian RofaeelSteven Foumia
Sandy YounesRaneen Salim
Beleh TomaRafal Elia
Nour Qis HannaSarah Frndas
Jennifer ShorezRobi Razzoq
Yousef AzeezDominic Shamoun
Maryana MikhaPierre Shamon
Maryous BahjatSabelle Salem
Andrew BrikhoTara Younan
Jonathon BrikhoJasmine Halabo
Christeena PanoJonathan Siegel
Nikolas Kattoula
Katherine Ishaq

Essay Winners

Paulina PeraltaTom Shorez
Verna HanaAndy Younes
Athena ShamounTommy Shorez
Haley Hallak


Dominc Shamoon


Most Improved

Perfect Score on Final Exam

Marven MattiRose Kaputa
Samantha YaqoubJulian Basaka
Rivin SalimEva Gorial
Fadi SaleemTamara Jamil
Yousif AkkoJimmy Brikho
Elyas ElyasMarvena Hanna
Noor Shamas YousifRhianna Salem
Andi BanyameenPriscilla Alrayes
Miryam MarkosVian Rofaeel
Bianca JamilSharon Mikha
Breanna YaldoFabyana Salim
Raymon MikhaSandy Younes
Gabriel GarciaYousif Butrus
Anthony KagyElyas Elyas
Beleh Toma
Nicholas Kettoula