Aramaic Classes at St. Peter’s

“I want my kids to learn Chaldean.”

A complaint so often voiced by Chaldean parents within the community. As they witness their first, second, and maybe even third generation children grow up, they recognize the prime years for learning a language are either slipping through their fingers, or are already gone. Many times the desire to learn it isn’t even present in the child, and if it is, there are few materials with which to teach them. As they themselves grow older, young adolescents sometimes admit regretting not being able to speak Chaldean, and begrudge the fact that they’re forced to learn another secondary language in school such as Spanish, when they would rather dedicate the time and effort to learning their own native tongue.

So what are some solutions? It is crucial to a culture and fulfilling for any individual to know the language of one’s heritage — even more so for Chaldeans, who have the privilage of claiming as their own one of the oldest languages in the world, which Christ Himself spoke.┬áThe parish has made a series of How-to-Learn-Chaldean books available for purchase, but it helps to have a dedicated and experienced teacher as well.

With all that being said, there are many within the San Diego community who will be pleased to hear that starting tomorrow, Fr. Michael Bazzi will begin teaching classes on how to both read and write the Aramaic language. The classes will be held at St. Peter’s Educational Center, from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm, in room #9. Everyone ages 8 and upward are welcome and encouraged to attend.


(To obtain the series of How-to-Learn-Chaldean books, please visit Beth Yuqne, located at the front of the cathedral.)