Funeral Service to be Held at St. Peter Cathedral

The Church Bids Farewell to its Shepherd

His Beatitude, Patriarch Emeritus and Cardinal Emmanuel III Delly
Chaldean Patriarch of Babylon

From St. Peter Chaldean Catholic Cathedral
On Thursday, April 10, 2014 at 4:00PM

The service will proceed as follows:

4:00PM          Procession into Cathedral and prayers for the deceased

5-7:00PM      Viewing

Afterward, his body will be moved to Michigan.

The service is to be broadcast live on and Paroqa. Tune in at 4:00PM PST (San Diego Time) to watch.



Cardinal Delly was born to a pious farming family in the town of Telkaif (within the Province of Ninevah-Mosul) on September 27, 1927, and given the name Karim. His parents Jarjis Murad Delly and Katrina Petrus Jadan were virtuous as most people from the village of Telkaif. He received the Holy Sacrament of Baptism on October 6, 1927, at the Church of Telkaif by the hands of the Reverend Francis Kattula. He completed his pre-school and kindergarten with the Dominican Sisters. Elementary schooling was fulfilled at the Elementary School of Telkaif.

Karim Delly entered St. Peter Patriarchal Seminary in Mosul on September 21, 1940, where he completed his studies of philosophy and theology. Upon completing two years of philosophy, his superiors obtained the blessing and consensus of the later Patriarch II and sent him to Rome on September 25, 1946, to continue his studies at the University of Propaganda Fide.

His Eminence Cardinal Pietro Fomazoni Biondi ordained Karim a priest on December 21, 1952. Cardinal Biondi was prefect of the Congregation of Propaganda Fide at Propaganda Fide College in Rome, whose rector was Monsignor Felice Cenci, selected for consideration to be declared blessed.

Fr. Delly obtained a masters degree in philosophy at Urbainia University in 1949. His in thesis was “The Existence of God by Philosopher Al-Faraby”. In addition, he earned a doctorate degree in Theology in 1954 with his thesis “Assemblies of Bishop Elia Bar Shenaya” with the Minister of Morocco in 1926. Finally, he earned a Doctorate in Canon Law from the Lateran University of Rome in 1959.

He returned to Baghdad on January 30, 1960, where he was appointed Secretary to the Patriarch Mar Paules Cheikho II for two years. Subsequently, he was elected Bishop and Patriarchal Vicar on December 7, 1962.

Patriarch Paules Cheikho II ordained Fr. Delly a Bishop on April 19, 1963, at St. Joseph Chaldean Church in Kharabanda, Baghdad. Bishop Delly was Patriarch Cheikho’s right hand undertaking the tasks of building churches and supervising the Patriarchal Seminary and Religious Orders.

On May 7, 1967, the Holy See granted Bishop Delly the title of Archbishop of Kashkar. He participated as an expert at the first session of Second Vatican Council and was a participant at other sessions. He was also active in several conventions in Europe, the United States, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, and Iraq.

For the sole purpose of serving his beloved church, he visited the Chaldeans in India, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Iran Georgia, and Turkey.

Archbishop Delly was elected Patriarch for the Chaldeans on December 3, 2003. He selected the name of Mar Emmanuel III Delly, Patriarch of Babylon for the Chaldeans in the world. He was welcomed in the communion of the church at St. Peter Basilica in Vatican City by His Holiness, the High Pontiff Pope John Paul II in December, 2003.

Since his ordination in Rome in 1952, Mar Emmanuel III Delly served his faith and his people under the leadership of six Popes: Pius XII, John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II who approved his election as Patriarch on December 3, 2003, and Benedict XVI who bestowed upon him the Cardinal Red Hat (Biretta) on November 24, 2007. Cardinal Delly is renowned for his sophisticated knowledge and wisdom in dealing with internal and external ecclesiastical matters.