The Way of the Cross

If the echo along the way to Golgotha can be heard today, what would it say?

Come, partake of the Sorrowful Passion of Christ The Lord, and charitably undergo the suffering God endows you.

The confidence in this truth inspires us to be drawn into a deeper sense of compassion only foreseen in the suffering son-of-man. To obtain with hope what we do not have, to seek Him in realm of The Holy of Holies – His Sacred Heart.

He agonized praying in the garden, betrayed by Judas Iscariot, whose very name means a dagger-man. He was scourged at the pillar, crowned with thorns, and carried The Cross into the very hands that crucified Him. He tasted the gall and endured His final hours hearing the malice of their hearts. As He saw that it was finished, He commended His Spirit into His Father’s Hands- and mercy was given to all charitably by the judgment of The Cross.

Yes, the echo along the way to Golgotha can still be heard today, roaring from within the believing hearts. For the sake not of their own, but of the lame and the blind who plead for even one glimpse of hope. For the sake of the innocent soul whose life is snuffed out, and the orphan whose organ is ripped out for profit. Yes, it is still heard, how else will the way of The Cross bond the believing hearts to God’s mercy if not in His judgment?

As the visible ash on our foreheads shall chant our longing to be with our suffering Christ, so must we, charitably, declare our union with The Resurrected Christ- Son of The Living God.

Excerpts from “Faith; my personal journey” by mks IGiā€