Service of Healing Done for First Time at St. Peter’s

Last Monday, March 3, the parishoners of St. Peter Chaldean Catholic Cathedral in San Diego, CA had the opportunity to experience a unique service: the Service of Healing.

The Service was annouced beforehand by Mar Sarhad Jawsip Jammo during his homily on Sunday, where he declared that the service would take place for the first time ever at that parish. He also said that he, Mar Bawai Soro, and all of the locally stationed priests, would be present at the cathedral to follow in the footsteps of the Apostles, to whom Christ gave the power to heal the sick by the laying-on of hands.

The service began Tuesday, at 4:30, with Ramsha, followed after by the Service of Absolution. Immediately following, the Bishop encouraged the sick, and their supportive families who also attended, to approach, saying that the anointing of oil, and laying-on of hands, was not only limited to those suffering from phyisical sickness, but from spiritual, emotional, and mental sickness as well. So many faithful presented themselves for healing that evening, that the entire service took about two and a half hours to complete.

Archdeacon Fr. Sabri concluded the night with Communion Service, or Razanayth, after which all the faithful attending departed.

For those who missed this wonderful service, there will be another opportunity to attend on Palgu, March 26, at St. Michael Church in El Cajon, where the Service will be repeated.