Men’s Retreat 2014

A group of about 16 men spent the weekend at St. George Monastery where they participated in the Men’s Retreat led by Fr. Andy Younan. The retreat was from March 14-16, Friday evening until Sunday afternoon. During the weekend, the men listened to talks by Fr. Andy about Matthew 11, where Jesus talks about John the Baptist and how to make the right decisions when it comes to the faith. There were nice discussions and questions asked, as well as life experience shared from the older men with the younger men.

They prayed evening and morning prayer from the Chaldean Liturgy and spent time privately with Our Lord in the Eucharist at the chapel in the monastery. Saturday night ended with a bonfire where the men had a chance to relax and tell some stories from their lives. The retreat ended back at St. Peter’s Church for Evening Prayer and Mass on Sunday afternoon.