Ba’utha Prayer Service in English

For the first time our Diocese sung a selection of liturgical prayers from Ba’utha in English. Anyone who owns a copy, or has used the Emmanuelprayer book should have noticed in the English side that there is a section for Ba’utha.  Father Andrew Younan worked long hours not only translating all of the Ba’utha prayers into English, but he also translated them in a way that they could still be sung using the same tones and melodies that are use in the Chaldean.

Bishop Sarhad decided to allow Father Andrew to select a few reading to be sung at St. Peter’s Cathedral in English along with a Communion Service. With less than a 24 hour notice the seminarians and Workers of the Vineyard took on the challenge of learning how to chant and sing the selections. Also, in that short period of time roughly about fifty of the Chaldean Faithful came to worship God in this beautiful and penitential prayer.

There was a short homily given by Father Andrew before the Communion Service. In our time of fasting he gave us spiritual food to nurture our souls to love and to sing praise to the Lord. He spoke of how prayer should move us to sing to God Almighty. It called to mind King David and his beautiful spirituality. In joy and in suffering, in grace and in sin, David loved prayer so much that he would sing to Our God, no matter the circumstance. Father Andrew also talked about how hard it was for him as a child to learn to love prayer. He gave us hope when he said that we could grow in our spiritual lives if we cling to prayer and detach ourselves from our earthly wants. In the time of fasting from our bodily wants, it was what the congregation needed to hear.

Marya Qabil Ba’uthokhun! (May the Lord accept your supplication!)