Amyrta Myusarta: The Captive Princess


The dramatic perfomace, Amyrta Myusarta, took place at St. Peter Hall on Friday, October 25, 2013. The play, written by His Excellency, Mar Sarhad Yawsip Jammo, centers around a Chaldean family who were living during the reign of Tamerlane more than 600 years ago. Tamerlane, a terrible conqueror, oppressed the Chaldean people and desired to destroy their cultural heritage. The Sahdona family, which the play centers around, experienced great turmoil as half of its members decided to side with Tamerlane, and the other half fought for their authenticity. The play, an allegory of the Chaldean Church today, was a beautiful expression of how to stay true to your own heritage and culture, even in the face of persecution.

img 3352Thanks to the hard work of the volunteer cast and crew, who spent many months preparing and sacrificed many nights rehearsing, the performance was one to remember. The audience laughed, cried and cheered as the story of their homeland was depicted by a story of a family torn apart by war and oppression. The large cast, the vibrant costumes and set, along with the well choreographed music truly brought this heartfelt story to life.

Amyrta Myusarta was filmed live, and the DVD of the production will soon be available for purchase. A soundtrack of the beautiful music recorded for the play as well as the translated screenplay are also available to purchase. for more information.