The Mother’s Retreat

The Workers of the Vineyard held a retreat for mothers at St. George Monastery from September 14-15, 2013. The group of 20 mothers gathered in the St. Peter’s parking lot early Saturday morning before heading up to St. George. The theme of the retreat was “Who are my Children” and was based on a passage from First Peter. The mothers were delighted by the presence of Mar Bawai Soro who gave one of the talks, lead the group in a discussion and heard confessions for a number of hours. The women felt very blessed by his presence and were honored to have him among them.

Through the different talks, small groups and activities, the mothers were able to reflect on their lives and hear God speak to them. As mothers, it is very easy to get swept up in the duties of every day life and neglect their relationship with God. This retreat gave them the opportunity to put their duties aside for a time and become like children again, depending on the Sisters to tell them what they were to do next and what to expect. It was a beautiful experience for all who attended and a weekend that they will never forget.