The Feast of the Cross

The Cross signifies our belief in Christianity. This past Friday we celebrated with our Chaldean community the finding of the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Cross ultimately reveals God’s power to defeat evil and his indescribable love for the human race.

The history behind the finding of the Cross began with Saint Helen, mother of Emperor Constantine, who ordered the search for the Cross in year 326 A.D. During our festivity, we had a prayer service (slotha d’ramsha), celebration of Mass, and procession to the Virgin Mary Grotto at St. Peters Cathedral. When we reached the Grotto, we built a fire; this was to resemble what our ancestors did when the Cross was first rediscovered. The Chaldean community watched as Bishop Sarhad Y. Jammo blessed them with the Cross and Shamashe sang basilica hymns of the Cross.