The Feast of the Assumption at St. Matthew’s Church

St. Matthew Catholic Church, Ceres-CA

Our tribute to Mary, The Blessed and Ever-Virgin Mother of God, began on the evening of the Feast Day of the Assumption, Wednesday August 14, where many of our Parishioners came to participate in an overnight Vigil. Our meditations and reflections on the life of our Blessed Mother continued through the night, and resumed on the evening of the Feast Day, Thursday August 15, with the celebration of the Holy Mass led by Fr. Peter Georgis.

In his sermon, Fr. Peter emphasized on the essential and vital role our Blessed Mary, The Mother of God, is granted in the Mission of Her Son. And shared with us the teaching of our Holy Catholic Church regarding Mary, and how interconnected are our honoring of The Heavenly Mother Mary, and our honoring of our own earthly mothers. Following Mass, a procession took place to the Grotto of our Lady of Grace, where the Parishioners placed at her IMG 4967

feet, beautiful array of flowers which were donated by the Daughters of Charity Ministry, who offered their proceeds to the poor.

The celebration was concluded by all of us gathering in our Parish Hall to continue celebrating this Feast, sharing the Dukhrana in honor of our Blessed Holy Mother Mary. The Dukhrana was prepared by our Daughters of Mary Ministry, who labored tirelessly through the day to prepare it, so that we all may enjoy and be blessed. We thank all our volunteers who labored so to make this event a celebration of Faith.

Photos and Summary by: St. Matthew Catholic Church Media Team

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