El Cajon Fire Department visits Chaldean Scouts


“How to be Chivalrous” was a prominent topic of conversation with the Chaldean Scouts, this Wednesday of August 7th. Scout Leaders gave talks to the girls and boys there, educating them on selflessness, explaining how girls can better act like proper ladies, and how boys can become better men.

The talks were followed up by a visit from 3 local firefighters from the California Forestry Fire and Protection Department, located right down the road from St. Peter’s Cathedral. The firefighters gave the kids a brief history of each of their careers and experiences, answered many of the Scouts’ questions, and taught them a little about their job as a whole and how they work together on a daily basis. The Boy Scouts especially were encouraged to emulate the selfless and chivalrous nature of these brave men.

Afterward, the firemen ushered the children outside to show them their firetruck, and all of the typical equipment they use in battling any given fire. All of the children got a chance to try some of the bulky equipment on for themselves, or sit in the front seat of the rig to blow the horn. It was an educational experience for everyone there, for which a big “thank you” is offered to those members of the department who dedicated their afternoon to visiting the Chaldean Scouts.