Chaldean Scouts Camping Trip


Cookouts, campfires, and star-gazing were just some of the many activities that Chaldean Scouts and their parents experienced this weekend on the first-ever Chaldean Scouts Camping Trip. The event was led by the Scout Leaders, the Seminarians of Mar Abba the Great, and the Workers of the Vineyard, and was held at St. George Monastery.

The weekend was divided into two nights – one when Chaldean Girl Scouts and their mothers got the opportunity to spend time with one another, and the other when the Chaldean Boy Scouts could have some bonding time with their fathers. Both troops participated in engaging games such as tent-building races, and brainteaser competitions, with the winning teams receiving small prizes each time.  “Each year it seems to get better and better,” said one participant. Overall the trip was successful, and the organization shows promise for the future, to become more active, more educational, and more memorable.