Reflections on the Pentecost Pilgrimage


These past few days have been an unforgettable experience with some members of the church but most importantly the relationship I had with Christ grew stronger.Everyday throughout this trip I realized all the little things that were keeping me from getting closer to God. Not only that, but it also helped me figure out the steps I needed to take to figure out my vocation. During the four days of this pilgrimage, I learned that having power doesn’t mean you have freedom. The one way to get freedom is abandoning yourself to God. In order to abandon yourself to God, you cannot let “clouds” get in your path that will keep you from seeing His plan for you but also be serious about your faith. This retreat taught me everything I needed to know and all the other members of this retreat helped me understand it clearly.

Abrey Zora

SAM 0554I really enjoyed this pilgrimage, especially since it was my first one. I met many great people and saw many great sites of Californias Spanish Colonial and Catholic history.

David Betshmuel


You know one may shy away from attending a retreat judging it before they attend, but when you have an open heart nothing can prepare you for the richness of God’s education. I went on this retreat thinking I was going on a vacation and didn’t focus on the retreat part of things. I let the first few days get away from me being truly relaxed in God’s arms, but the leaders, especially Father Andy, work endlessly to make sure that the word of the Lord is shown in all activities that have been brought our way. I left this beautiful weekend with my devilish ego squashed by the path lead by the Holy Spirit and not to mention new friends and bonded relationships. The places we visited were magnificent and magical and I am so happy I came. Everyone should attend anything they can when its available, nothing but good will come from it.

Sandra Hallak