Fr. Said Ballo Celebrates His 10th Anniversary

On July 26, 2013, Fr. Said Ballo celebrated the 10th anniversary of his Priestly ordination. In celebration of this event, Fr. Said said Mass at 7pm, after which the faithful gathered in St. Peter Hall for a small reception. During the homily, His Excellency, Mar Sarhad Yawsip Jammo spoke of how the priesthood was Fr. Said’s first love. Though he lived in the world for many years, as a married man and father, he came back to his first love after becoming a widower. Mar Sarhad went on to speak of the beauty of the priestly sacrifice that takes place on the altar every time Mass is said.

During the reception, a number of people spoke of the life and accomplishments of Fr. Said, including his years in study and as a married man, as well as the many groups and sodalities he is a part of and the impact he has had there. Afterward, Fr. Said himself spoke of the love he has for his vocation as a priest and the many blessings it has brought to his life. It is truly a blessing to be served by so many wonderful priests and the gathering for Fr. Said’s anniversary was an expression of the love the community has toward all her priests.