Chaldean Scouts Visit Old Town


The Chaldean Scouts of 2013 had their first excursion this Sunday, July 14, as three-dozen Scouts and troupe leaders spent the afternoon exploring the Historic State Park Old Town in downtown San Diego. The merry group was shuttled from St. Peter’s parking lot after Sapra, and made it to the State Park where they visited a multiplicity of shops, a historic Church, and had a picnic of homemade sandwiches in the park area. Leaders and Scouts alike all had an enjoyable experience before heading back to St. Peter’s where their parents were waiting to pick them up. “It was so much fun,” said one soon after they had returned, “I hope they do it again next year.”

Although the trip had actually been a “Plan B” alternate for another excursion the Scouts were scheduled to have, it was a fortunate happenstance that all could agree worked out even better than anyone expected.