Bishop Sarhad Gives Lecture for Clergy and Shamashe

On Wednesday, July 17, 2013, His Excellency, Mar Sarhad Yawsip Jammo gave a lecture at St. Peter Cathedral in celebration of the 11th year of the establishment of St. Peter Diocese. The lecture was about the Spiritual Core of the diocese in the Liturgy.

The evening began with Evening Prayer (Ramsha) followed by the Holy Mass. During the evening, there was also a meeting for Lectors and Choir to discuss and go over the changes in the new Missal that is used during the Mass. Afterward, Mar Sarhad was introduced by Shamasha Aziz Razoqi and began the lecture.

Mar Sarhad took the opportunity to explain in detail the liturgical renewals and changes that have occured over the past 11 years. He spoke of the importance of standing by the cross with Our Lady. “The cross,” he said, “is not what saves us, it is the sacrifice of Christ crucified on the cross that saves us.”

The core of his lecture was in explaining that the liturgy is the fountain from which we all draw our strength, and is also the reason why it is so important that the liturgy be ordered correctly. After the lecture, Mar Sarhad accepted questions from those who attended.