2013 Graduation Party

The Knights of Columbus, Mar Toma Council, is celebrating the 2013 Graduation Party of the High School and College graduates on June 28th, 2013. This is an annual event to honor the graduates and their families for their academic achievements.

This year we have over 120 students who had submitted their graduation information to be published in the annual Graduation book. 38 students are competing for 20 scholarships, which are contributed by members of our Chaldean community and local businesses.

The process of choosing the winners of the scholarships is well established and is fair and anonymous and is handled by professionals.

IMG 7004Over the years we have recognized various talents and achievements of our students. We offer scholarships in: Academics, Athletics, Special circumstances, and New Comers. The latter, is to recognize the great efforts of the new immigrants who struggled and worked , in school, in a new environment and a new country.

We added another category this year:

Chaldean Academic Achievers in Iraq.

10 graduates from different parts of Iraq are competing to win 5 scholarships for their outstanding grades. They will speak to the audience at the time of our celebration directly from Iraq through an Internet connection. We are excited about this event which reflects the talents of our people throughout the world.

It is our commitment to honor and nurture the talents that are present in our people so that they will contribute to the well being of this beautiful country.