Visiting the Faithful of St. Matthew’s

After celebrating Mass at St. Matthew’s on Sunday morning, May 5, His Excellency, Mar Sarhad Yawsip Jammo continued his visit to St. Matthew’s parish by visiting the home of one of its parishoners. Basil and Jackie Aboona opened their beautiful home in order for Mar Sarhad to enjoy a delicious lunch after celebrating Mass earlier that morning.

The home of Basil and Jackie was packed with other parishoners who are active members of the community including Parish Council members, lectors and servers, and members of the choir and Daughter of Mary, as well as other dedicated faithful. It is difficult to visit St. Matthew’s and not be struck by the closeness of the community who have gone through so much together. It was truly a blessing to share in the company of those faithful who love their church and faith with all their hearts.