The Chaldean Mass is Celebrated at St. Albert’s Priory

The Seminarians of Mar Abba the Great hosted the Divine Mysteries in Aramaic in the chapel of St. Albert’s Priori with the Dominicans and faithful in the area on Saturday, May 18th. Our beloved priest, Father Michael Barota, made the trip down from San Jose to celebrate the liturgy. It was beautiful for the Seminarians to serve and for the Catholic faithful to hear the liturgy in the language of Christ our Lord. One of the administrators from the school the Dominicans attend, the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology, even said to one of the seminarians, “This was the best liturgy I’ve ever attended in my life.”

The Mass was also celebrated as a goodbye to the Dominican Friars whom four of the Seminarians of Mar Abba the Great had spent a semester with. The seminarians had spent the spring semester studying at the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology in Berkely, California. They were able to stay with the Dominican friars at St. Albert’s Priory. The Mass was celebrated in the Chapel of the Priory.

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