Mar Sarhad Concludes his visit to St. Matthew’s

His Excellency, Mar Sarhad Yawsip Jammo concluded his visit to St. Matthew’s Parish by spending the evening with a family who have recently joined the St. Matthew’s faithful. Nazeh and Rania Ammari began attending St. Matthew’s with their four children just a few short months ago. They were drawn to the parish because of its familial atmosphere and welcoming congregation. The family now attends the weekly services at the parish and even have their two eldest sons assisting in the Mass as altar servers.

Nazeh and Rania were very grateful to have a Bishop visit their home and showed it through their wonderful hospitality. Just as the St. Matthew’s parish community opened their church to this family, they in return opened their home to St. Matthew’s. The house was filled with St. Matthew’s faithful and it was a joy to be in their loving company.