May 2013

A Step Forward

May 27, 2013

As an attempt to serve a larger segment of the faithful, a big screen has been installed on one side of St. Paul church sanctuary to show the English translation for those [...]

The Artist Retreat 2013

May 27, 2013

On Friday, May 24, 2013, a group of 15 young people headed up to St. George Monastery for the Artist Retreat. The retreat is based on the Acts 3 passage when Peter and John [...]

Pentecost at St. Mary’s

May 21, 2013

On Sunday, May 19th, 2013, St. Mary parish celebrated Pentecost.  After the mass, there was a hymn sung at the grotto of Mary, and then the congregation gathered in the [...]

St. Michael Church School Party

May 18, 2013

The St. Michael’s Cathechism school ended the school year with their annual Summer kickoff party. The event included three jumpers, one of which was an obstacle course. [...]

The Feast of Our Lady of the Fields

May 15, 2013

St. Peter Cathedral celebrated the Feast of Our Lady of the Fields on Tuesday, May 14, 2013. The feast is generally celebrated on May 15, which is the memorial of Our Lady of [...]

Temporary and Novitiate Vow Ceremony

May 14, 2013

On Sunday, May 12, 2013, three women from the Workers of the Vineyard took the next steps in their discernment. The ceremony took place during 4:30pm Mass and was witnessed [...]

St. Mary’s Mother’s Day Lunch

May 9, 2013

On Sunday, May 5, Saint Mary’s dedicated team of Fathers & Young men organized and hosted a fun-filled Mother’s Day Lunch honoring the mothers of our church [...]
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