Spiritual Retreat at St. Anthony Retreat Center

St. Matthew Catholic Church, Ceres-CA Awesome Spiritual Retreat at St. Anthony Retreat Center


“The life of the body is the soul; the life of the soul is God.” -St. Anthony.

There can be nothing more rewarding than to surrender ourselves to the Will of our Heavenly Father, in solitude, intensively seeking the things that are above, and be set apart to prayer and meditation. So to find ourselves in a place and time unparallel to any other. As such was indeed the time we spent during our retreat at St. Anthony Mission.

P1010011As we shared our passion for our Lord during the journey, and walked gazing at the splendor of the Creation God Willed to exist out of nothingness, as if every tree and every bloom were drawn into existence to welcome the believing hearts to an encounter with His infinite love. Indeed, we are created out of His Love, and so lovingly, for a life of Love.

See photos and read inspiring reflections from few of the retreat attendees here: