Passion Friday at the Cathedral

March 29, 2013 – The Good Friday service at St. Peter Cathedral began as it customarily does with Ramsha. After a hymn by the choir, Fr. Michael Bazzi gave the sermon. He spoke of forgiveness and the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross, tying in the final seven things Jesus said before he died. He also touched on the ten lies the devil tells us in order to keep us from forgiving our brethren. In the end, the devil spins our pride into the lies we tell ourselves to keep us from being reconciled to one another.┬áIf we are Christians and have come to this gathering today looking for forgiveness, let us remember the sacrifice that Jesus made for us on the Cross and return to God.

After the homily, the congregation participated in the carrying of the sepulchre around the church. The faithful were then invited to come and kiss the cross. Throughout the evening, the Chaldean Choir as well as the shamashe and different sodalities sang hymns for Passion Friday. The Cathedral was open until midnight in order to allow the faithful an opportunity to come to the church and share in Passion Friday.