Lenten Vigil Held at St. Matthew’s Parish

On Friday, March 1st, 2013, St. Matthew Youth Ministry joined our St. Matthew’s Parish Community, and many who came from cities near and far, responding to such summons; the call to follow Jesus, to remain with Him and keep watch.

The Lenten Vigil gathered us as one, and brought about in us a higher sense of yearning to be with Jesus, a consciousness that is often taken for granted and even forgotten.

In detaching ourselves from daily obligations and own self-made dependencies, we chose to be about our Father’s Work- adhere to His Will. By Grace, we remained conscious of our desire for this Vigil, and eager to be an active participant no matter the hours, as if we knew all along that we were being called to be with our Lord in His Vigil, and keep watch.

VigilWe began our Lenten Vigil at 7:00pm with the Stations of The Cross, led by Fr. Awraha Mansoor, then continued our devotion honoring our Lord in the Eucharistic Adoration, and here, our earnest desire to remain with Christ our Lord became most evident, and here, we entered The Lenten Vigil. It was an evening of unceasing prayers and worship, silence meditation, lectures by our guest speakers, and activities led by our Parish Youth, and concluded with Fr. Peter Georgis who offered the morning Holy Mass.

The message given throughout the Vigil was consistent in reminding us that we are called to be obedient to God and His Word, not half-way obedient, but rather full pledged obedient. For the adversary’s attempts to devour us from within our own vulnerability, know no rest, therefore, neither should we.

VIGIL SERVICEYou may read more and see photos of this event at the parish website: http://stmatthewca.org/archives/vigilevent2013.html