Mar Sarhad Celebrates Mass at St. Mary’s Parish

His Excellency, Mar Sarhad Yawsip Jammo celebrated Mass on Sunday morning at St. Mary’s Church on December 2, 2012. During his homily, the Bishop spoke of how the readings for the First Sunday of Advent are a great reflection of how the season is centered on the family. He went on to speak of how the Chaldean Liturgy does a wonderful job imitating scripture. He said this regarding the Gospel reading which came from St. Luke. Zechariah, the High Priest, entered behind the curtain to burn incense. Mar Sarhad pointed out that he encourages parishes in his Diocese to have a curtain to use during the Mass, especially since Scripture does not say that the curtain was removed from the Temple, it was torn in two.

After Mass, the faithful of St. Mary’s gathered in the hall for lunch in honor of Mar Sarhad. Though there was a chance of cancelling this gathering due to stormy weather, the rain cleared up enough for them to continue with the lunch schedule as planned. A special thanks to the dedicated women who prepared the delicious meal.