“A Star Between Babylon and Bethlehem”

Saint Peter’s Chaldean Catholic Cathedral was filled to the brim yet again this year for its annual Midnight Christmas Mass and Nativity Play. The parishioners arrived early, and eagerly anticipated the start of the beautiful Mass celebrated by Bp. Jammo, having heard through word of mouth that the   traditional Christmas play would be a step-up from past performances. Those in the Church that night were not disappointed as the recently written Nativity Play “A Star Between Babylon and Bethlehem” commenced before them, with many of the Workers of the Vineyard and even a Mar Abba Seminarian taking full part in the 20-minute musical work.

The story centered mostly around the 3 magi from Babylon (played by Rami Dindo, Simon Esshaki, and Shamasha Admon Abed) and an additional 4th magi (played by Sr. Eman Rofaeel) who journey from their homeland to Bethlehem in search of Jesus. Live music by Sr. Monica Yousif could be heard throughout the performance, and accompanied the solos of the Traveler (Sr. Miskenta Mariam) and Mart Mariam (Sr. Gabrielle M. Gniewek). The play was made available on DVD outside of the Church after services, and aired on Kaldu.tv for those unable to attend. The Diocese is proud of all of those who partook in the play, and looks forward to what this means for future seasonal reenactments.